v&a research

  Theses picture are from my visit to V&A. I found Richard Galpin's work very abstract and fascinating. The reason i liked it because his work looked like a "city plan" from a bird eye view looking down on to a futuristic city. And the city full of abstract looking buildings which are been carefully placed. since we planing to build a city, we can use this image as a reference. 

These are Lustre tiles, from Iran, dating back to 1262. The reason I liked these tiles because of it's vivid shapes. I think these patters can create very abstract and futuristic buildings for the city we hope to build.

The information for Lustre Tiles.

these are some more intricate door patterns from India. I really like the way they are being placed, they create very interesting patterns. what really interest me the most were the outlines of these patterns, i think they will create fine abstract buildings.

When i saw this object it reminded me of "Millennium Dome", probably because of its  hexagon (oval) shape. I think it will make a fine Dome of it's on our virtual city

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