I do believe that we could have done better, but I am very happy with the end result. Mainly because we have tic all the boxes what the brief asked us to do. My main regret was not being able to get the team to conclude on one idea,  because every week some one will shift the  current-idea in to different path. which consequently led to loss of precious time. As a team we should have concluded on the editing and the story-boarding within 2 weeks start of the project. This way we would have more time to perfect the each component of the project such as the lighting, texture ring, animation, modeling so on. But we as a team worked very hard toward the end of last three weeks to get the project done on schedule, so i am very proud of the team and the team spirit we had towards the end of the project was a success.

I also leared lots of things from the team mates.

Amelie thought me how to use CV Curve tool to model objects which was really helpful and she was a great teacher.

I had a good discussion with Loanne about storyboards and she immediately accepted my ideas for the final outcome. which was kind of her.

Lloyd  helped me to perfect my animation which i did for (shot-17) and he also textured some of my buildings.

Abs helped me with the lighting for Shot-17 and he thought me how to do a basic texture for buildings.

So overall every one helped me the way they can and i am really grateful for my team mates who showed me how to get things done simpler and easier way because Maya can get confusing at times.



 I was mainly appointed to model objects for the city environment with considerable detail on them. But well in to the project Abs appointed me to model more buildings and architectural assets. So from then I was heavily  involved with modeling proses and became one of the key modelers for the project.

 As you can see i have used a city plan image-plane to help me placed the traffic-lights and lamppost in order to create this junction.

Theses are some of my extra building for the city.

This probably the most complex thing  I have modeled and yes it looks like the millennium bridge that's because it is but with some minor changes. When Amalie decided to create the Windmill island Abs appointed me to create the bridge simultaneously because we needed a bridge which will connect the island with the mainland. But unfortunately they did not use this bridge because they said it looks too detailed and very realistic. But they could have still used it I think.

These are all the objects which i created with considerable detail,  2 lampposts, 2 normal posts, 2 benches, 1 tree, 1 bus stop, 1 phone-booth, 1 traffic-light, 1 signboard.

In this image of the lampposts you could see the inner details clearly. 

Amalie helped me to create this chess peace object by teaching me CV Curve tool. She initially planed to put this object on her Windmill island but she decided not to. And consequently this was another of my model which haven't been used for the final.


These are some of my research for maquette cities which made out all sorts of materials, mainly out of cardboard and paper.

These are some of the maquettes which I found really interesting. They have been designed by using  combination of  organic and geometric shapes. The one above resembles very much like a church building  where as the bottom images remind me of the Paris - Arc de Triomphe, also know as the gate of Paris.
This music video by M.I.A- paper plane was a great reference point for our animation. When Loanne came up with the idea of animating a paper plane flying around on our virtual city. It immediately  reminded me of this music video which literally had a paper planes flying around in New York city showcasing it's glorious architectural landscape form angles of dramatic perspectives. So we deiced to use this as reference. 


This a city plan which I found from the internet. First I thought drawing my very own city plan, but then I remembered a discussion that I had with Jamie Perrin.  He said it will be easy to use an existing city plan rather than a creating one from scratch and it will be more accurate too.  So i decided to use the above city plan to place and create my extra buildings. Whats really good about this city plan is because it  helps to place the objects and the buildings and the trees in the right place rather than sticking them any where random.

This is reference picture which I quite useful when I was placing the traffic lights and lampposts accurately on the scene.

Buildings on this picture really helped me to get inspired to create my extra buildings for the project. what i really learn from this project is that, even though the buildings are very sold and static is the texture that you put in what makes it look realistic or abstract- (like a maquette).  For example if  we were to UV-map  and texture a brick wall for a modeled building it will look more realistic but we decided to use textures such as folded paper, cardboard etc, to make the city look like it's made out of paper -referring to paper maquettes.