I was mainly appointed to model objects for the city environment with considerable detail on them. But well in to the project Abs appointed me to model more buildings and architectural assets. So from then I was heavily  involved with modeling proses and became one of the key modelers for the project.

 As you can see i have used a city plan image-plane to help me placed the traffic-lights and lamppost in order to create this junction.

Theses are some of my extra building for the city.

This probably the most complex thing  I have modeled and yes it looks like the millennium bridge that's because it is but with some minor changes. When Amalie decided to create the Windmill island Abs appointed me to create the bridge simultaneously because we needed a bridge which will connect the island with the mainland. But unfortunately they did not use this bridge because they said it looks too detailed and very realistic. But they could have still used it I think.

These are all the objects which i created with considerable detail,  2 lampposts, 2 normal posts, 2 benches, 1 tree, 1 bus stop, 1 phone-booth, 1 traffic-light, 1 signboard.

In this image of the lampposts you could see the inner details clearly. 

Amalie helped me to create this chess peace object by teaching me CV Curve tool. She initially planed to put this object on her Windmill island but she decided not to. And consequently this was another of my model which haven't been used for the final.

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