This a city plan which I found from the internet. First I thought drawing my very own city plan, but then I remembered a discussion that I had with Jamie Perrin.  He said it will be easy to use an existing city plan rather than a creating one from scratch and it will be more accurate too.  So i decided to use the above city plan to place and create my extra buildings. Whats really good about this city plan is because it  helps to place the objects and the buildings and the trees in the right place rather than sticking them any where random.

This is reference picture which I quite useful when I was placing the traffic lights and lampposts accurately on the scene.

Buildings on this picture really helped me to get inspired to create my extra buildings for the project. what i really learn from this project is that, even though the buildings are very sold and static is the texture that you put in what makes it look realistic or abstract- (like a maquette).  For example if  we were to UV-map  and texture a brick wall for a modeled building it will look more realistic but we decided to use textures such as folded paper, cardboard etc, to make the city look like it's made out of paper -referring to paper maquettes.  

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