I do believe that we could have done better, but I am very happy with the end result. Mainly because we have tic all the boxes what the brief asked us to do. My main regret was not being able to get the team to conclude on one idea,  because every week some one will shift the  current-idea in to different path. which consequently led to loss of precious time. As a team we should have concluded on the editing and the story-boarding within 2 weeks start of the project. This way we would have more time to perfect the each component of the project such as the lighting, texture ring, animation, modeling so on. But we as a team worked very hard toward the end of last three weeks to get the project done on schedule, so i am very proud of the team and the team spirit we had towards the end of the project was a success.

I also leared lots of things from the team mates.

Amelie thought me how to use CV Curve tool to model objects which was really helpful and she was a great teacher.

I had a good discussion with Loanne about storyboards and she immediately accepted my ideas for the final outcome. which was kind of her.

Lloyd  helped me to perfect my animation which i did for (shot-17) and he also textured some of my buildings.

Abs helped me with the lighting for Shot-17 and he thought me how to do a basic texture for buildings.

So overall every one helped me the way they can and i am really grateful for my team mates who showed me how to get things done simpler and easier way because Maya can get confusing at times.

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